Ms. Mu Qiru was engaged in education in her early years. With this unique background, caring for the young generation and the development of education has become an important aspect in our CSR performance. Over the years, we have been making our contributions to addressing the uneven development of basic education in China in cooperation with the national education funding platforms and institutions such as the Hope Project, the China Children and Teenagers Fund and the China Charities Aid Foundation for Children. We have donated to the Hope Project for 16 consecutive years since 1999 and built primary schools in the rural areas of Shandong and Jiangxi. We also set up “Zhaotai Teachers Incentive Fund” and “Zhaotai Library” in some schools for the children of rural migrant workers in Beijing, and participated in the “Spring Bud Action”, which encourages corporate funding for basic education.

In 2013, we initiated the Charity Fund of Critical Illness Insurance for Children in Rural China together with China Charities Aid Foundation for Children and the Free Lunch Project for Rural School Children, with an aim to provide critical illness insurance services for children in rural China and strive for their equitable access to health care.