Zhaotai Group has a loyal, dedicated, hard-working and efficient team. They share the vision and mission of the Group and grow together with it.

A Professional Top Management Team Zhaotai Group boasts an excellent top management team consisting of experienced professionals. The team members are equipped with excellent professional backgrounds and exceptional management capabilities. Each of them has extensive repertoire of management expertise in her or his respective business field.

A Diverse Portfolio of Employees Zhaotai has a team of over 1,000 professional and internationally minded employees from countries and regions speaking different languages. They cover the professional fields such as corporate strategy, real estate development, commercial operation, law, property management, finance and energy. Over 75% of the employees at the headquarters of the Group attained a bachelor’s or higher degree, and some of them have excellent professional backgrounds of working with international corporates, agencies, governmental institutions and so on. We cherish talents and believe in the strength of teamwork, and we are committed to achieving a mutually beneficial balance between business growth and individual development.