E-House TownNEXT project

E-House Town is under construction. It has a planned total floor area of about 100,000 square meters. The project is at the northeast corner of the intersection of South Third Ring Middle Road and Dahongmen, belonging to “Dahongmen-Muxiyuan” business area, the “Fifth Business Area” planned by Beijing government. As a prosperous commercial place, this area has always been the largest clothing wholesale center in North China, filled with rich business atmosphere. Taking full advantage of its location and the mature commercial environment in the surrounding area, E-House Town will provide feature functional services like brand fashion show, brand incubation and e-business. Based on “Zhaotai business aircraft carrier” and cooperating with U-Town Xidan, E-House Town is to be built into a regional landmark commercial market complex in Muxiyuan with high quality, unique characteristics and cultural background.

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