top electrics cityNEXT project

Top electrics city (Top City) is located in the west area of Zhongguancun, connected to Subway Line 4 underground. It is a super one-stop electronic theme shopping mall integrating exhibition and selling of IT products and IT services. It attracts the most manufacturers and offers the most comprehensive services compared with its counterparts in Beijing and in China. Since its founding in 2003, Top City not only keeps an eye on innovation of operation and services, but also extends to professional management and services. It has been well recognized by consumers and IT dealers and built an incomparable brand position in Zhongguancun, the diamond IT business area in China. Top City has now become the largest and most vigorous wholesale and retail center of IT products in China, and the primary strategic choice of various renowned IT brands for channel promotion. Top City has become the biggest high-tech development platform in the west area of Zhongguancun, and keeps on the cutting edge of the development of cloud computing, mobile internet and consumer internet in China. In the context that the local government is making great efforts in building Zhongguancun as the Chinese Silicon Valley, Top City has developed a path of “stores + technology innovation center” and become an ideal platform for incubation of innovative high-tech companies and development of young talents.

  • U-Town Mall

  • E-House Town

  • Top Electronic City