Fortune Resource International BuildingNEXT project

Fortune Resource International Building, standing on the east side of Financial Street with a total floor area of 78,000 square meters, is another masterpiece of Zhaotai Group in the Financial Street business area following Fortune Time Mansion. In a unique neoclassic style, it resumes the innate beauty of a building with its erect appearance and simple but elegant design. The external glass curtain and marble facade pleasantly contrast with each other, creating an antique, graceful, noble and delicate feeling. Interiorly, the splendid and elegant double high lobby designed by a Japanese designer, with ceiling heights of 15 meters and 21 meters, strongly manifests the business professionalism. The Building offers a spacious and comfortable office environment with a story height of 4.1 meters. It also provides a quality service platform for domestic and international financial institutions with its world-class property services.

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  • Fortune Resource International Building

  • Fortune Capital International Building

  • Fortune Rich International Building