Zhaotai Petroleum Energy Investment Co., Ltd. (ZTPE) was founded in April 2011, which marked an important milestone in diversification and globalization by Zhaotai Group. ZTPE gives full play to its advantages of a private enterprise in resolute decision-making and flexible operation, and focuses its investment on overseas exploration and development of upstream oil and gas with solid financial background and extensive resources over the years. The Company built an internationalized professional technical team within a short period. In 2013 Zhaotai Petroleum cast its eyes on the market of oil and gas exploration and development in North America. It successfully developed its first overseas energy project in Texas, the United States. The project, which is under smooth operation, serves as a bridgehead for Zhaotai Petroleum to explore the overseas market. In February 2014, Zhaotai Petroleum joined the Can-China Global Resource Fund (CCGRF) as a limited partner. CCGRF is a USD 10 billion sovereign fund jointly set up by the Chinese and Canadian governments. It is specialized in providing a financing platform for the global natural resource projects that interest both the Chinese and Canadian sides. As a member of the Fund’s Investment Committee, Zhaotai Petroleum has been actively engaged in the evaluation and decision-making on investment projects. As of the end of 2014, CCGRF has invested in three oil and gas projects in North America. In addition, Zhaotai Petroleum has established a strategic partnership with multiple oil companies and is taking an active part in the tracking and development of upstream projects in key regions for energy including the Middle East and Africa. Currently the Chinese government provides policy and financial incentives to channel private capital to the field of domestic and international energy development. The global energy landscape also presents new opportunities for development with a new round of in-depth adjustment and restructuring. This macro background has fully proved the unique strategic vision of Zhaotai to take energy as a breakthrough for achieving a diversified and internationalized leapfrog development. It also indicates a bright future for Zhaotai in the field of energy.