Zhaotai Group was founded in 1992 in Beijing. Riding on the tide of progressing urbanization and historic changes in economy and society in China, and with its strong determination and hard work, Zhaotai has steadily developed into a conglomerate of its total assets of around RMB 70 billion (USD 11.3 billion) and over 1,000 employees. Its business scope covers the fields such as real estate development, commercial operation and energy development. Zhaotai Group takes real estate development as its core business. As a national-recognized developer holding a First Class certificate development, with comprehensive competitiveness in both upstream sectors such as primary land development and downstream ones such as real estate holding and operations. As of 2014, Zhaotai has held projects in operation and under construction covering around 3 million square meters. These include 5A office buildings up to international standards, buildings of central government agencies, headquarters of central state-owned enterprises, large commercial complexes, shopping malls, five-star hotels, high-end apartments and leisure real estate projects, etc. Building new lifestyle landmarks in downtown core locations is the guideline for Zhaotai in its real estate development. We adhere to excellence and foresight in the selection of development areas and project locations. On the one hand, we have established a strategic layout centering on Beijing; and on the other hand, we locate our projects in the hearts of core cities, thus making sure our projects could reflect and add value to investment. Meanwhile, the tireless pursuit of top quality is the soul of Zhaotai’s real estate development. We always cooperate with internationally renowned firms and masters in architectural design and the leading teams of construction and supervision in China. In return, wherever Zhaotai builds its presence, all its real estate projects have become local landmarks and pearls on the crown of metropolitan architecture. In Beijing, Zhaotai’s real estate projects are primarily based in two major internationalized core business areas, through which the western and eastern parts of the Second Ring Road run respectively, namely the Financial Street at the West Second Ring Road and the CBD – Chaoyangmen business area at the East Second Ring Road. Zhaotai is a pioneering founder and chief developer of the Financial Street and the designer and constructor of a series of landmarks alongside the East Second Ring Road. This arrangement, with projects spread in both the west and the east, enables us to leverage not only the unique geographical advantages of Beijing as China’s capital in the country’s overall plan of economic development but also the incomparable resource advantages generated by the financial institutions, corporate headquarters, diplomatic agencies and high-end services located in the areas where we invest. In this way we have built two powerful engines for our real estate investment in Beijing. In addition, Zhaotai owns scarce land resources in other core areas in Beijing. We have developed a range of excellent real estate projects in those areas, which stand important pillars for our real estate development in Beijing. Outside Beijing, Zhaotai has also been pursuing its unique style and excellence in its real estate development. We chose Chengdu, an important city in Southwest China, to make our first step in real estate development outside Beijing. Chengdu is the natural meeting point of “the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road” in the inland of China. This presents unlimited opportunities and in turn brings promising future for our projects developed locally. In addition to the role as a real estate developer, Zhaotai is also a well-known provider of operation and management services and leader of urban lifestyle in the industry. We hold and operate many self-developed real estate projects, under our operational philosophy of driving multi-format commercial development led by office buildings. This has effectively extended the value chain and increased revenue generators. Through commercial projects we share pride with our commercial customers, and we create a new urban life with our consumers. To go international is a strategy that Zhaotai has pursued firmly. In 2011, Zhaotai Petroleum Energy Investment Co., Ltd. was incorporated as a subsidiary specialized in overseas exploration and development of upstream oil and gas. Through years of hard work, we have become one of the leaders among private companies from China to have access to overseas energy market. We are actively seeking international strategic partners to explore opportunities for development in overseas markets, by fully leveraging our core competitive strengths in real estate development and property management services. In an ever changing world, we have never ceased the pursuit of higher quality and greater performance. Adaptability is always our recipe for success. In the new situation, we will stay sharp in vision and firm in action, and continue to forge ahead and achieve sustainable development. We look forward to working with all the like-minded to create a better future.