Office Leasing With over 20 years of intensive experience in office leasing and management, Zhaotai Group has built a number of quality office building projects in the core areas in Beijing such as the Financial Street and the East Second Ring Road area. It has also developed many professional teams for leasing, tenant attraction, selling and promotion of office buildings and attracted a large and stable customer base for office buildings. Therefore, it is able to independently carry out selling, leasing, tenant attraction, promotion, operation and management of office buildings.

Commercial Operation Zhaotai Group has years of successful experience in project positioning, brand investment, brand combination and operation and management. Its business management team has been highly recognized in the industry for the team members’ professionalism. Zhaotai has formed a whole set of specialized and systematic business operation and management pattern, established a unique system for development and operation of commercial properties and built a strong pool of business professionals.

Property Services With over 20 years of professional experience in property services, Zhaotai Group works with Savills to wonderfully demonstrate a perfect combination of quality properties and services, which has built a highly specialized system and a supreme platform for property services and comprehensively promoted Zhaotai’s property services from good to great.