Shuijingtang AlleyNEXT project

Shuijingtang Alley is one of the four famous historical and cultural blocks of Chengdu. It is located in the core area of Chengdu, at the junction of two rivers. The whole block covers a total area of 45,000 square meters, from the west of Jiuyan Bridge in the east to Jinjiang River in the west, up to Shuijin Street, Shuanghuaishu Street and Jinquan Street in the north and down to East Binjiang Road in the south. It’s also near East Street, the future financial CBD, echoing Chunxi Road as the commercial center. The project enjoys the high-end guest resources from Shangri - La Hotel, Lan Kwai Fong, etc. and the densest and most concentrated consuming demands in Chengdu. Accordingly, it has innate advantages in location, facilities and historical and cultural resources. Shuijingtang Alley has brought globalized quality business based on high-end corporate clubs, city boutique hotels, boutique life experience houses and feature shopping. It creates an open, exquisite and fashionable lifestyle to build the most internationally-oriented and fashionable business communities in Chengdu and a model for world-class quality urban life.

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