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Social Responsibility
While continuously pursuing a higher level of enterprise development, Zhaotai Group has always responded positively to the society through various forms in a humble and pragmatic attitude, seeking a way of coexistence and harmony between the enterprise and the society. The corporate social responsibility was already an important part of its DNA with the establishment of Zhaotai, and it has become increasingly evident as it grows.
With the development of the enterprise and the continuous realization of the harmonious path of symbiosis between business and society, Zhaotai Group seeks to pursuit higher economic value as the original meaning of enterprise, recognizes the cultural value of “To innovate with integrity, To concentrate today with an eye on tomorrow” as a boost to corporate development, regards promoting Zhaotai’s vision of achieving superior social values as the mission of the enterprise development and a incumbent social responsibility. positioned on the society and the people, being charitable as a practice not as fame seeking.