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Zhaotai Group and Kiraboshi Bank Co-established a Sino-Japanese Joint Venture Local Consultancy

Publication time: 2021-08-17    source:

Recently, Kiraboshi Bank, a subsidiary of Tokyo Kiraboshi Financial Group, has signed a business cooperation agreement with Zhaotai Group, covering Japan-China trade (cross-border e-commerce), medical and retirement care, sports, international conferences, etc. The establishment of a Sino-Japanese joint venture local consultancy in Beijing means that Zhaotai Group will play a bigger role in the future Sino-Japanese cooperation.

Since the reform and opening up, China has made remarkable achievements in its economic development. While China opening wider to the outside, enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competition at home, making it more difficult for foreign companies to do business in China single-handedly. The business cooperation between Kiraboshi Bank and Zhaotai Group and the establishment of the joint venture local consultancy can provide a business platform for China-Japan cooperation and support Japanese firms in their investment and business activities in China, empowering a win-win scenario.

Centering on Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai, Zhaotai Group engages in a wide range of fields and boasts a strong business network, well-poised to offer timely and effective assistance to companies in need of it. With an office in Tokyo, Zhaotai Group has gained a deep understanding of Japanese companies and culture, and has built deep friendship with Japanese companies.

The Sino-Japanese joint venture local consultancy can serve as a door for Japanese companies to invest and develop in China. In the future, Tokyo Kiraboshi Financial Group, as a “Tokyo Platform” for creating new value for customers, will maximize the synergy effect and solve all business issues for Chinese companies. Meanwhile, Zhaotai Group will also maximize its function as a joint venture consultancy in China to provide a good service environment for both sides to achieve a win-win, and will make greater contributions to the sustainable development of the Chinese economy.
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